Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sugar, I will miss thee

Half of me can't believe I am doing this. Half of me can't wait. I know that sugar plays with your blood sugar, hunger levels and overall health. But, it is delicious. And chocolate- dont get me started.

So I am going to undertake this experiment and see how it helps me head toward greater balance. At minimum I hope to end cravings for sweets, increase energy (versus the short term energy of sugar) and lose a few pounds. I also hope I will sleep better, become fabulously rich and a supermodel. Ok, maybe not those last two.

I promise total honesty in my blogs. If I cheat, I will admit it.

For me, this is primarily about white sugar, corn syrup and other heavily processed sugars. I may try out Agave sweetner for a few things. Fruit is also ok in my book.

Overall I know I will learn alot and look forward to hearing about other's experiences. To my kind husband- I apologize in advance for any crabbiness I may exhibit this first week. :-)

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