Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love sugar. I hate sugar. I love sugar. I hate sugar. I love sugar. I hate sugar.
I will end on the part that says I hate sugar.
Hi, I'm Cari. I am in a constant love/ hate relationship with sugar. Starting October 26, 2009 I am going to change that. I am going off sugar for a year. I have many goals but my main goal is that I can change both physically and mentally. In a year's time I would love to not have an appetite for sugar anymore. I would love for the sugar cravings to be gone. I would love to eat healthy food and not worry about when I can get my next treat. There are so many other things I believe will happen in this period of time, and I am so looking forward to all of the benefits, BUT my number one goal is to change. Instead of looking for my next sugar "fix", I want to be able to say, "no, thank you" to anything offered to me and really mean it. After a years time, I want to be able to have a piece of birthday cake or even just a few bites, to know what it tastes like, and then be done. I want to be engaged in so many other interesting and enlightening things that I don't have time for treats. I want to really taste and enjoy good food without being stuffed with sugary desserts at the end of the meal. I want to change.
At the end of 12 months, I am going to pay for classes from a Dietitian that can help me to reincorporate sugar into my life. This may last anywhere from 3-6 months. I can't see myself off sugar for my whole life. I am trying to change so I can have it sparingly in times of celebration. This is the part that I will need the most help. The backlash at the end of 12 months could be devastating for me.
Everyone's way of going off sugar may be different. I will not eat (almost) anything that has sugar, corn syrup, or high fructose anything in it. Whenever possible, I will read the labels and avoid anything that has these 3 things in it. There are some things that don't appear to have sugar in them, such as pretzels, and wheat thins, but if you read the label carefully they have corn syrup in them. These things I will avoid. Some things are unlikely to not have sugar in them such as bread and cereals. Since these items are essential in my diet for energy, I can pick and choose the best option. When choosing these items, I will not go over 3 grams of sugar per item. Even so, the less grams the better, and if it is sweetened with molasses or honey I consider that a bonus and a better choice. I am sure I will not catch every sugar in every thing, such as sugar in condiments, (ketchup), but I will do my best to find out. For me, artificial sweeteners will be ok. Usually I don't eat that much of them, so I don't see that as being a big deal. This is in such things as yogurt or sugar free pudding, or diet pop. I may drink diet pop at first as I am detoxing but my goal here is to say goodbye to pop forever. My pocketbook will thank me also. Most likely we will blog later on how bad diet pop is. So much for that now. One last thing I WILL eat is things sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup. These are found in things like Cliff bars, some granola bars, and Kashi cereal, etc.. I have read a whole book on the different types of sugars and the effect they have on your body. These sweeteners and others such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses are better because they have a slower effect on the blood sugar. They don't give me a sugar high or headaches. These I can and will eat in moderation as I know that within my body and brain, sugar triggers more sugar. More of that later as well. That pretty much sums up how I will police my diet for this coming year.
As I finish up, I thought I would write a quick summary of me. I turned 40 this year. Me and my husband have been happily married for 15 years. We have 5 children ages from 4-13. That keeps us very busy. My oldest daughter is going to start the "no sugar for a year" this Monday also. She calls it NSFAY. Kids, right? It will be interesting for me to see how she does and the difficulties that come with being 11 and trying to eat healthy. We are a pretty active family and I can see many benefits of me (the mom) staying away from the sugar. And, if you stay tuned, you will for sure read about those benefits and all of the struggles as well.
The Co-Administrator of this blog is Amy. Take it away Amy. I am signing out for now.


  1. Okay, I'm going to follow along with a passion. What was the name of the book you talked about?

  2. Hey Cari-

    I mentioned this to my 11 year old and the fact that she wants to do it with you. My sweet 11 year old then asked how much I would pay her if she did it too! Of course I told her nothing, that that isn't the point, but I thought her comment was funny!

  3. Will you pay me, Nancy?

    I'm not ready to go cold turkey on the sugar but I will give up liquid Satan (soda pop!) starting Monday, October 26. I have recently read a lot about the different sugars and their affects on your body. Obviously it didn't scare me too bad, though. Baby steps, baby steps......