Sunday, October 25, 2009

How did this all get started?

I thought I would write a little bit about how this all got started. I have a friend who has two boys. She told them she would pay them each $100 if they wouldn't eat any candy or store bought treats for 1 year. They both did it and received the $100.00. Last week I took my two older girls to the toy store to buy birthday presents for another daughter. While we were there, my oldest daughter saw a motor scooter she would really like to have. The problem is it was $300.00. The whole drive home was a conversation about how she was going get that motor scooter. By the time we had returned home, she had remembered that her friend got $100.00 for not eating candy for a year. I told her I would pay her the same if she would like to do that. It got her really excited and that was all she talked about for two days. While contemplating this I thought about doing it too. I initially thought it was a good way to support my daughter, but thinking on, I knew I needed more help than she did. The idea started growing in my mind. It's funny how I thought it was such a great idea but at the same time, mourning all of the treats I wouldn't be able to eat. :) Why is this such a sad thing for us sugar addicts?
My next step was to put the idea out there on facebook to see if anyone was with me. Amy replied first asking if I wanted a partner, and here we are.
Several of you have responded that you would like to be included, so welcome. Can't wait for our first day tomorrow. Looks like we have about 2 hours and 55 minutes left. True confession...I am having one more piece of cheesecake before bed. Pathetic I know.

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