Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pass the Ibuprophen please!

I woke up with one that has stayed with me all day. It has been hard to see at times. I give full credit to my sugar detox. To cope with this, I took some ibuprophen and have tried to eat a combo of fat, protein, carb every 2-3 hours. It has relieved the pain slightly. I am predicting another 2 days of this maybe more.

My new enemies today: (These either have sugar, corn syrup or both)
Prego Spaghetti sauce, my favorite brand of roasted almonds, pretzels, saltines, and Campbell's tomato soup.

My new Friends today: (These Don't have sugar, or corn syrup and they taste good)
Triscuts (love them, always have), Homemade Ranch dressing, sliced Almonds toasted in the oven (yummy and crunchy when they're warm), Cascade Fresh yogurt, spiced apple cider herbal tea. (Other flavors they want me to try- pumpkin spice, eggnogg'n, ginger snappish- these will be fun for the holidays.)


  1. Last time I had a sugar headache (which so far I haven't had one) I was able to drink some honey/lemon water and it cleared it right up. It helps the function of the liver. It's really great to drink right upon arising too. Hope that helps!

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