Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 1

Ok, Day 1 is almost over and it was ok. Mostly just catching myself and stopping habits like having something sweet after lunch (and dinner.) Ended up using Extra Sugar Free Gum which helped.

Anyone have good ideas for no-sugar treats?

355 days left..............sigh.


  1. WUHOOO! I did not have sugar today either! YAY ME! I had a couple of nice ripe bananas...not brown, but sweet ones. That was great! I also love the spry gum which has xylitol instead of artificial sweetener. :)

    Melanie H.

  2. dried fruit. I love homemade banana chips and the dried cherries from costco. Sweet and satisfying. Or a little peanut butter and honey mixed. We call them PB swirls.

  3. I am probably cheating because I have the flu and only rice and toast even sound good... but I made it through the day with no sugar. At least that is one silver lining!

    I like to eat nuts, especially almonds, when I am craving sweet stuff. I think it is probably closer to what my body actually needs anyway and usually does the trick.

  4. I am on day 9 of no sugar. I plan on going until February. I will reevaluate at that time to see if I want to join you for the entire year. So, I just discovered sugar free pudding (artifical sweetner) by Kozy shack. Yummy! I also snack on raw almonds when I have my afternoon slump. Yesterday I actually tasted a hint of that yummy almond extract flavor in my almonds. I have never tasted that before. I always thought almond extract really had nothing to do with almonds(JK)! Probably because my taste had been watered down by how much sugar that was in my diet.