Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

3 weeks down and only 49 to go. This last week I spent 5-6 days flat in bed. I wasn't tested for H1N1 flu, but most likely had it and it was awful. At times I rotated Aceteminophen and Ibuprophen every two hours and night times with NyQuil. Some days and nights were filled with Daytime Theraflu and then Nighttime Theraflu. Day 3 I got a prescription for cough syrup that had codeine in it. All of these medicines helped somewhat, some better than others. I haven't paid attention to the ingredients before so you can imagine my shock when finding out that most of these have sugar or high fructose corn syrup in them. I tried to buy sugar free cough drops,and there is such a thing as sugar free Theraflu which implies the regular kind has sugar in it. We had both here at home so I ended up taking whatever we had at the time. But it is the NyQuil that has the corn syrup. And I am not sure what is in the cough syrup with codeine, but I would be willing to guess it has corn syrup and for sure some kind of sugar. If you think for a second I would refuse these products because they have sugar in them, you are nuts and have not had this blasted flu yet. The flu hurt like heck and I took anything that would help me feel even remotely better. I put it in the category of condiments. My first post said I would not be able to catch everything and some things like Ketchup are going to have sugar in there. I am counting my NyQuil, and codeine as my ketchup.
I am feeling better and hoping to exercise this week. I have said that for the last two weeks and still have not been on a regular schedule. My weight has stayed the exact same as when I lost 6 pounds after the first week. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and lots of vegetables. What's everyone else doing? How is it going for you all?

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  1. I am sticking with it, right along with you guys! But, I am not checking every label... just not eating candy, baked goods, or other obviously sugar laden items. I started a few days before you two just because the flu forced it upon me and you were starting just as I was starting to feel better - so I just haven't put that stuff back into my diet. I have more energy and less headaches - so worth it!