Monday, January 11, 2010

Cadbury Egg sales plummet in 2010

I saw Cadbury Eggs for sale on January 2nd at a nearby grocery store. Can you believe this early? My former self would have seen this as the best thing since sliced bread. Oh how I love the chocolate egg with cream inside! I used to eat them by the box. That's really bad when 4 eggs come in each box. I am not even a huge chocolate eater, it's just that darn egg every year. I feel bad for the Cadbury co. also, because their sales will be way down this year and hopefully every year after. It'll have to be a new norm for them.
I noticed around the holidays, we too had a lot of treat inventory laying around. I had fudge and white chocolate dipped gingersnaps sitting around for days. That has never happened before. You know I was paying attention too because I have been keeping track of every thing. So my big conclusion to that is, it is ME that has been eating everything all these years. I am the clean up committee and disposal of all treats that come to our house. There, I said it, and it is true. How embarrassing it was for me to realize a normal plate of cookies, or pan of fudge that would have been gone in a couple of hours was still sitting around a few days later because I am out of the eating game. Wow, what a realization!

Observation #2 for this week:
I am not a fan of sugar-free desserts.
A week ago Saturday, Scott and I went out and decided to go to Cold Stone for their sinless (sugar free) ice cream. I had mine with pecans and it was good enough, and it was fun spending time with Scott. The Monday after that I had a sugar-free hot chocolate and I had a little bit of real whip cream ( not whipped) that I added to it for an afternoon treat. Then that night our family had sugar-free pudding for our dessert for Family Home Evening. By the end of that night my head hurt so badly and I had semi-stomach problems. I wasn't positive it was because of those things I had eaten, but the thought of having one more sugar-free dessert made me so nauseated and sick. I still feel that way now. This realization has made me surprisingly happy. Now I know that any dessert sugar-free, or sugar-full is going to make me sick, I don't have to bother with either one. This whole dessert thing, is a mental game. Why do we always feel like we HAVE to have a treat? (Disclaimer: Once in a while is still good. Please just don't eat more than one at a time, and space them out over SEVERAL days) Last Friday we went to the Claim Jumper. It was about 10:00pm and most others are having dessert at that time. I decided to order one of my favorite things. Quesadillas. They are really good. For my drink I had an herbal tea. It was very satisfying and I didn't feel deprived. I think if I hadn't been hungry, I would of just ordered the herbal tea and it would have been fine, but I was hungry and it tasted yummy. For some reason when I don't eat sugar, my food tastes really good. The flavors are magnified and I appreciate it so much more. And, when I'm full, I really am full. There is no temptation to keep eating. I actually think I eat less. Weird.
My last comment:
This week I didn't lose, but gained .8 lbs. I don't feel like a loser because I have stuck with my no sugar/ corn syrup eating plan. I reminded myself that my goal is to change, not to lose weight. Losing weight is a side benefit but not my main goal. I have not cheated on my goal and I realize there will be ups and downs and it takes time. (Which is why I wanted to do this for a least a year). The best part is that I can see little changes in myself already. I am getting really good at looking at something and picturing and feeling in my mind how my body (stomach, head) are going to feel after I eat it. It's enough that if you feel sick before you eat it, you will not put it in your mouth. It is easier to turn something down if you know why you're turning it down. It's also very enjoyable to eat something you know is going to benefit you throughout the day. Apples are the best example of that. You can never go wrong with a fresh crispy apple.
Go buy some today!

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