Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 week Plateau

I do believe I have hit a plateau. It's been 3 weeks and I've gone down slightly, up slightly, and then back down slightly. Since December 28th, the total loss is .6. I have absolutely NOT cheated, but it has been harder the two weeks following the holidays, than any other time, except the very first 2 weeks of when I started. I am wondering if this is because all of the hype from starting this and then having lots of fun with the holidays and all, and then a bit of a let down. Seems normal enough to me. This week I actually feel better or back to the way it was, with more desire to be healthy. I also think I need to change up my exercise as I think that will help the weight to start dropping again. It's always good to change it up a bit. I also think that when I finish my 1 year, I will probably have some sort of a let down as well. So, I am counting this as a bit of foreshadowing and hoping I can work through it just like now. Knowledge and experience are power, no?
This week I gave up shortbread cookies, homemade chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, pudding, and these cute little pink and white flower cookies with frosting in the middle. I am really getting to enjoy the aroma of these things. I had a friend tell me about an article she read that said our olfactory senses are greater than our taste buds. I'll have to look for that article, and post it if I find it.
One morning this week we were completely out of food. So while my typical breakfast menu of 2 morning star sausages, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a Kashi TLC honey almond granola bar was no where to be found, what I did find was some turkey lunch meat and spinach leaves and an apple. I rolled the turkey into the spinach and cut up the apple. Tasted good to me and was very satisfying. I am finding I am very hungry in the morning and I am craving protein. It gives me lots of energy and a clear head to start the day. This was awesome for me because I could see that I am changing!!!!!!! I can't eat cereal anymore because it is not long lasting and doesn't satisfy. Also, I am finding that I don't eat as much food. I don't need to lick my plate clean any more. When I am full, I am done. No deprive-ment. Walk away from kitchen. 1 hour later have an apple and a big glass of water. Yum!
This week down 1.4, but only after gaining .8 last week.


  1. I found the article for you.

  2. Thanks for that article Tiffany. I printed it out. It reinstates my feeling that "the smell is enough!" Enjoy a big whiff and then feel the looseness of your waistline. It's a good combination.