Monday, December 14, 2009

I am starting a new movement called Anti-Sugatarian-ism

Would you like to join my movement? People with allergies and vegetarians and others get out of things they shouldn't eat, or don't want to eat, all the time (in a polite way), by just expressing their own medical title (allergic, diabetic) or ideological title (vegetarian, vegan). Sometimes don't we just need a title and that is excuse enough for whichever thing we don't want to participate in because we will become ill? Or because we just we don't want to? I actually think this is a pretty good idea. When sugar is offered to me I will say "No thank you, I'm an Anti-sugatarian". It seems to be the natural thing to do as well. Vegetarians cut meat out of their diet and gave themselves a name. I happen to think meat is good for the body (no offense to any vegetarians) and the thing that really needs to be taken out of the diet is the one thing that has no purpose or value. Sugar. Can I just take that out of the diet and give myself a name? Think of all the foods, vitamins and minerals that our body needs to survive and thrive. These include Protein, Dairy, Grains, Vegetable, Fruits, and Fats. Our body doesn't need sugar for ANYTHING. It's an excess.

Factoid: Not too long ago only the very rich people were able to eat any kind of sugar. And the people (slaves) who cleaned out their outhouses knew when they were partaking because their urine had a distinct foul smell because of the sugar. (Book: Sugar Blues) Doesn't that sound like a fun job?

My opinion is, if you are going to cut anything out of your diet, wouldn't you cut out the things that your body has no use for? You could save money by not buying things that are excess or of no real value. How much money do you spend on a drink every time you go out to eat?(No matter regular or Diet.) Water is free and actually does something for the body. Why would you buy a dessert when you are already stuffed to the max? Our bodies get nothing from it. They already have everything they need from the meal. Why would you spend an extra $10-15 per meal on drinks and dessert? Something that is of no value?
Cari's Tip:
Next time you go out for dessert order a yummy salad instead. It can be crunchy and fresh, simply delicious. Some of those are sweet enough anyways. At least you can get some fiber and vegetables, sometimes even fruit. Add an herbal tea with equal while friends are eating ice cream or pie. It will settle your stomach and add a little extra something your stomach is looking for. Notice how your waistline feels as you're leaving the restaurant and everyone else is complaining how stuffed they are. The walk to your car will be satisfying.

O.k., so calling all Anti-sugatarians. Who is with me?

Side notes: Lost another 1.4 for the week with no exercising other than walking my dog everyday. That's a total of 11.6 since October 26th. Today completes 7 weeks with 45 to go.

Turned down this week: Yummy (smelling) chocolate cake from Costco, ice cream with Scott, Christmas treats at the piano recital, gourmet hot chocolate at Ward Christmas party Saturday morning, and big box of yummy smelling fudge on Sunday.

What I said yes to this week: Crab, shrimp, salmon Louie, 8 huge shrimp on skewer, and crab stuffed mushrooms at the Crab Pot. Yum Yum!
Planters Select Nuts with Macademia, Almonds, and Cashews in sea salt. Yum!
Honey Sticks. (cinnamon is the best flavor)
AND lots of Christmas activities that were just as fun without eating sweets or gaining any weight. Now that's a great treat!
Have a good week everyone!

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