Monday, April 19, 2010

Still going strong, just bored of reporting it.

HI. It's been a while. I am still not eating sugar or corn syrup. It is no longer hard to refuse these items. But, I have grown bored of my own blog. :) It seems there is nothing of real significance to report. I could write how my weight has gone up slightly, only to go down slightly, then back up slightly and down again slightly. But, that is so boring and nobody including myself wants to hear about that anymore. I am still weighing and recording it in my personal journal every Monday.
Here is what I learned about myself over Spring break and Easter: I love Easter candy even if I am just looking at it and smelling it. I love peeps, malted egg milk balls, and smelled several Cadbury eggs and decided that was what Easter smells like. Also, it is easy to make it through the holidays by not cheating; but once the holiday is over, it is very hard. I am not sure why this is. Maybe because I think I made it through the holiday, but I am not prepared for right after the holiday. I see the easter candy on sale for 50% off and something inside makes me very depressed that I am not participating in that. It's a mental thing. Also, it is very hard to make good decisions when you are tired and extremely hungry. Defenses are down and it is hard because you are weak. Try to eat something every 3 hours.
After 4 weeks, that's about all I have.

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