Friday, March 26, 2010

Kill 'em with Consistency

The phrase is "Kill them with Kindness". But after the last few weeks I've had I am changing it/or adding to it "Kill them with Consistency". I was so excited because I had finally seen a drop in weight (3.5 lb.) for the first time since December. But the next week came and exactly 3.5 lb. were back. I was ticked. So the following week I didn't do anything special. In fact I exercised only one day and not very hard, and I felt like I had overeaten all week. I got on the scale feeling like I probably had gained 3-5 more pounds. And to tell the truth, my mental state felt like it was in the same state as it had been in many times before, when you feel the frustration of doing a lot of things and not getting any results and then giving up and doing what ever you want and not wanting to be held accountable for no exercise or eating a lot of junk. So I had kind of done that sort of "I don't care anymore" attitude, although of course, still within in my no sugar realm. So what I mean is too many late night Taco Time runs, a lot of popcorn with butter, too many cliff bars etc. Anyways, the next week I get on the scale (again thinking I had gained 3-5 pounds) and to my surprise I had lost 2.5 again. So what do I take away from all of this besides going insane?
#1 Life is Frustrating. It is for everyone, I am not immune.
#2 When I don't eat sugar or corn syrup, my binges are usually things with a lot of fiber and it is really hard to over eat because every thing is real food and it is filling. It is really easy to NOT OVER indulge, just because you are full. This is a BIG TIP for me to learn.
#3 My weight gain is small. I am used to big weight gains of 10-30 lbs. What I have been documenting is nothing in comparison. 1-3 pounds gained and lost each week is nothing compared to what I have had in the past. It is somewhat of a relief too that I am not on that roller coster.

So when I say "Kill em with Consistency", it's that balance over time that I have gained through my new eating habits. I have felt better (balanced) for the last 21 weeks. It's such a way of life for me now. I'm not counting all the things I pass up anymore. I eat when I am hungry. I stop when I am full. My weight loss has not been a lot, but again that was not my main reason for doing this, but rather a side event. Also, this week I am working on the consistency of my exercise which will be an interesting observation once I can coordinate these two once again.

I am still a smelling "fool", and I do mean "Fool". I love to smell things, but I have to really watch myself as I am turning into a weirdo. I have to remember to just keep that inside the walls of my own home. :) I really enjoy the aroma of something yummy.

This last week I read an article on MSN home page. It was talking about how breast cancer can be related to our poor exercise and eating habits. It doesn't discount the cancer being past down through the genes. It said that that has always been there through the ages of time. What they have seen through all these years, which is causing the number of breast cancer patients to incline, is a difference in the eating habits and exercise habits in women. Women are more sedentary now and the diet is filled with sugar and fat. When you weigh more you are at higher risk for breast cancer. They believe that the number of genes being past down is the same but the diet and exercise is worse and that is what is causing the number of breast cancer patients to go up. It was a very interesting article and if I can find it again, I will post it here.
Good health is all encompassing. It is worth it to be healthy. It affects every thing we do and our purpose of being here on this earth. I am glad that I am on a good path. I am going to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It's the consistency of one year that I needed when I started this thing. I'll try to add a little Kindness too.

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